Takdah Cantonment, as the name signifies, was a British cantonment before the independence of India. It was the destination for many British officers of high rank from all over India. After independence, like many other towns and villages, Takdah was abandoned by the new order. It was only recently that people really started to settle down in the area. Though the Britishers are long gone, we can still find the beautiful structures erected during the British era. The marvel of Takdah lies in the old, abandoned club house which is just a km away from the town. In comparison to its surrounding, the town is on a higher altitude giving way to cedar trees and is much colder than the towns surrounding it.

Takdah Cantonment is a neighbourhood in the Rangli Rangliot CD block in the Darjeeling Sadar subdivision of the Darjeeling districtWest Bengal, India. It is one of the upcoming tourist centres of the Darjeeling hills. It is called Takdah, which literary means always covered, in one of the local folk-lore, as you would know when you visit the fog: Takdah is beautiful place in Darjeeling where you can hangout with family and friends. Takdah is a romantic place in Darjeeling. Roads that connect Takdah are in very bad condition.